Prescription Plans

ABC Insurance Trust through Nationwide® and Medco® are introducing a new fully insured Generic Prescription Program that provides significant savings for both the employer and employee, Nationwide Selectsm - administered by Medco Health. This product is one of the FIRST affordable prescription drug plans of its kind to feature generic drugs, convenient mail-order delivery, AND a low $10 co-payment

It's a unique, easy-to-implement plan that costs up to 50% less than traditional plans. Simply put, it's a good deal for business.

Nationwide Select is the product of two trusted leaders -- Nationwide, a leader in insurance and financial services, and Medco, a leading pharmacy benefit manager -- joining forces to benefit businesses everywhere. Nationwide Select -- Delivering big relief for your business.

The benefit to the ABC Member

  • For a $10 co-payment, members can get their first purchase of a generic drug at retail and subsequent maintenance generic drugs through Medco By Mail. ($10 copay up to 90-day supply through mail)
  • Pay only a low monthly premium versus traditional prescription benefit costs.
  • Large retail network (over 56,000 retail pharmacies)
  • Discounts on brands and specialty drugs are available through Medco By Mail and retail pharmacies.
  • Helps employers generate a positive impact on employee satisfaction, retention, and recruitment and gain a competitive advantage for your business.

To learn more about this product and the additional benefits to you, and your employees, contact ABC Insurance Trust at 1-800-621-2993, or click the Get a Quote button to get started today.