Custom Benefit Statements

Do your employees really know how much you spend on benefits for them? Would you like an easier way to communicate that information at your employee's annual review?

HiddenPaycheck creates custom benefit statements to meet your business needs and help your employees understand the dollar value of the benefits that you, the employer, provide. Many employees don't understand the employer contributions for social security, Medicare, federal unemployment and worker's compensation, because they don't see it.

  • The format is simple - lining up the employer cost on one side and the employee contribution on the other to show the total benefit cost as part of their total compensation along with annual income
  • Employers receive a graphical benefit statement which is also available on-line, providing instant access to an employee's statement
  • You don't have to do the data work - programmers with HiddenPaycheck will do it all for you

To find out the cost of providing customized benefit statements for your firm, contact us for a quote.

Or if you prefer, you can go directly to and select "request a quote". Be sure to enter the ABC partner code #1198!