Consider these Dollar Bank Advantages

Cost Effective - You pay for benefits only when the employee is actually working and not in periods of down time.

Flexible - Dollar Bank works equally well for both commercial and prevailing wage work. If your firm does prevailing wage work, you provide fringe benefits as an offset to your prevailing wage responsibilities. On commercial jobs, the program enables you to pay for benefits on the hours each employee works.

Easy to Administer - The program is fully administered by ABC’s team of insurance professionals. We’ll help you solve many of the problems that can result from employee turnover, breaks in work because of seasonal demands and dealing with premiums for employees no longer with the company.

Simple for Employees to Understand - Because your employees already know how a bank account works, they’ll understand how the Dollar Bank program works. One hour of insurance credit is “deposited” to an employee’s Dollar Bank account for each hour he works. His coverage becomes effective the month after he has deposited the required number of hours into his account. Any extra hours that the employee works — beyond the monthly base level — will accumulate in his account and can be used to provide benefits during times of reduced work.

Lower Payroll Taxes - Every dollar you pay in benefits, instead of cash wages, reduces your taxable wage base — and that lowers your payroll taxes.

Multiple Carriers - You have access to more than 60 different insurance carriers with hundreds of plan options.