Vision Coverage
ABC's vision coverage enables you to enhance your employee benefit program with a plan that will be appreciated by most every employee. Employees with healthy vision are more productive and perform better. Vision coverage offers coverage every [12 or 24] months for eye exams, lenses and frames or contacts. The ABC program also allows members to elect safety lenses (polycarbonate lenses).

There are no claims for you to file when you go to participating vision specialists. Simply pay your copay and, if applicable, any amount over your allowance at the time of service. MetLife Vision's network offers more than 50,000 participating private practice access points - including more than 2,000 retail chain locations.

Insureds can check the provider network by going on line to MetLife vision or by calling 1-855-638-3931, input your zip code and select "Vision PPO". The ABC Vision Plan is a fully insured program underwritten by Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. (MetLife).





$10 Eye Exam1
$25 Eyewear Materials ( glasses )1
$60 Contact Fitting / Evaluation1

N / A2

Retinal Imaging:

On a routine retinal screening performed by a private pratice

Up to a $39 Copay 1

Applied to the allowance for the Eye Examination 2

Eye Examaminations:

Comprehensive exam of visual functions and prescription of corrective eyewear

100%* 1

Covered up to a  $50 allowance 2

Frames Allowance3

*$85 - $150 1

Covered up to $80 2

Standard Corrective Lenses:

Standard Progressive Lenses

100% 1

Up to $75 2

Lined Trifocal

100% 1

Up to $95 2


100% 1

Up to $125 2

Standard Lens enhancements4:


100% 1

Applied to the allowance for the applicable corrective lens 2

Ultraviolet (UV) coating

100% 1

Applied to the allowance for the applicable corrective lens 2

Scratch-resistant coating

100% 1

Applied to the allowance for the applicable corrective lens 12

Other Standard Lens enhancements4:

Progressive Premium Tints

Anti-reflecting coating


Available with "not to Exceed" pricing/maximum copay 1

Applied to the allowance for the applicable corrective lens 2

Contact Lenses (instead of glasses)

Elective contact lenses
Necessary contact lenses5

Up to $150* 1
100%* 1

Up to $150 2
Up to $210 2

Value Added Features:

Additional Lens Options

Additional Discounts on Glasses and Sunglasses

Laser Vision Correction

Average 20-25% savings on all other lens options

20% discount off the cost for additional pairs of prescription glasses and non-prescription sunglasses, including lens options.

Discounts averaging 15% off the regular price or 5% off a promotional offer for laser surgery including PRK, LASIK, and Customer LASIK.  Discounts only available from MetLife participating facilities.

*After Copay

1Network Benefits: Exam and materials copays and patient options are paid to the network provider by the plan participant.

2Out-of-network reimbursement: The plan participant pays full fee to the provider and MetLife reimburses the participant for services rendered up to the maximum allowance. There are no copays or deductibles.

3Costco, Walmart and Sam's Club: Up to $85 after $25 eyewear copay.

4All lens enhancements are available at participating private practices. Maximum copays and pricing are subject to change without notice. Please check with your provider for details and copays applicable to your lens choice. Please contact your local Costco/Walmart/Sam's Club to confirm your availability of lens enhancements and pricing prior to receiving services. Additional discounts may not be available in certain areas.

5Necessary contact lenses are determined at an In-network provider's discretion for one or more of the following conditions; following cataract surgery: To correct extreme vision problems that cannot be corrected with spectacle lenses: With certain conditions of: Anisometropia, Aphakia, Corneal Dystrophies, High Ametropia, Irregular Astigmatism, Keratoconus, and Nystagmus.