Employer Services

Plan Design to prepare a plan that best fits your company’s unique needs, including any desired changes down the road.

Third Party Trustee to reduce your fiduciary liability.
Web Access so you can check employer statements, investment returns and more.

Profit Sharing Allocations are calculated for you to show you the exact amount you need to send.

Discrimination Testing conducted by our experts to ensure your plan is in full compliance with IRS and DOL regulations.

Form 5500 Preparation includes our review and preparation of the tax documents and reports for your plan. All you have to do is sign!

Plan Restatements keeps your plan in conformance with all law and tax code changes.

Loan Processing is handled by us for all your employee requests.

Quarterly Reporting to provide you with a full assessment of plan activity and any account fees.

Employee Services

Web Access lets your employees download forms, make investment changes and check account balances online.

Quarterly Statements include easy-to-understand reports that show employees their plan activity.

Plan Distributions and related administrative tasks are handled by our team when an employee terminates employment.

Plan Loans are quickly processed by us. We help employees understand their options and provide the customer support to serve their needs

Call Center enables employees to check account balances via telephone. Additionally, we provide a bilingual call center during regular business hours.

Enrollment Support includes informative, easy-to-read materials to help your employees understand their benefits. Literature is available in both English and Spanish.