Cobra Administration

The ABC Insurance Trust now has COBRA Administration services available called COBRAToday through Total Administrative Services Corporation (TASC) as a special service for ABC Members!

What is COBRA?

In 1985, Congress enacted continuation of health care coverage requirements, commonly referred to as COBRA. COBRA stands for the Consolidated Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act and was designed to protect certain employees and their dependents when they experience a loss of coverage under a group health plan. COBRA provides continuation of health coverage, that otherwise would have been terminated due to certain qualified events

COBRA Administration Services

COBRA administration is a complex process, governed by constantly changing rules and regulations. Worse, virtually every aspect of COBRA is extremely time-sensitive, so prompt and proper actions are critical. COBRAToday takes the worry out of COBRA administration. How? With comprehensive and efficient administration, ensuring the compliance of your plan.

Is your firm required to offer COBRA?

Businesses with 20 or more full- or part-time employees on 50% of the typical business days during the previous calendar year are required to offer continuation of coverage under COBRA. COBRA applies to employees, the employee's spouse and dependent children. These individuals are referred to as "qualified beneficiaries."

How Does it Work?

COBRAToday services promptly take care of the necessary communications, notices, forms and record keeping. It even provides for the collection of premium payments connected with COBRA. In all, it's a security blanket that keeps you in compliance with complex federal regulations.

COBRAToday will

  • Assume liability for all your COBRA administrative procedures
  • Provide easy-to-understand, monthly account reports
  • Send COBRA notification packet to "qualified beneficiaries"
  • Communicate with Employer and "qualified beneficiaries"
  • Send Election Notices
  • Provide Premium Payment Coupons
  • Send insurance payments to employers
  • Send Late Payment notices
  • Manage grace periods for timely notifications
  • Handle Dependent communications
  • Send notice during continuation if another qualified event is experienced
  • Provide telephone support for COBRA participants and clients
  • Determine if there's been a "Qualified Event"
  • Send expiration of coverage notices